The Known World by Edward P. Jones

As I sat before my bookshelf this afternoon, I was struck by an omission on this chronicle: I read The Known World by Edward P. Jones back in April (I remember reading it during the Conference on Southern Writers and feeling conspicuous). I had just completely forgotten about it until I saw it tucked at the end of the shelf there, leaning against Joyce's Dubliners. (And if you didn't already know I alphabetized my shelves by author's last name . . . well, you just don't know me very well.)

I can't provide specifics like quotes or particularly poignant moments, but I can remark on how fine I thought the book was. Jones definitely earned his Pulitzer through dint of his extraordinary research, vision, voice, and characterization. In fact, I might wager to say it has earned the right to lean against Joyce. I'm sure there are others who would wildly disagree, but Jones impressed me, and I was captivated by this work.

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