The Shack by Wm. Paul Young

Besides the obvious annoyance factor of the abbreviated first name on the front cover, I am giving The Shack the benefit of the doubt. Joel (and everyone else who has recommended it to me) loved it. I've heard a few detractions, but I'm willing to see where it takes me. The language is adolescent - at times, simplistic; at others, completely overwrought. The concept is interesting though, and I'm willing to suspend my disbelief long enough to see where he's taking us. So, we'll see. I do find it off-putting that Papa speaks in slang at times ("We is all that you get" or "Yup, I'll be keeping my eye on 'em") and at others, drops total intellectualism ("Inside that confluence of multifaceted inhibitors, what is freedom really?") The inconsistency is distracting.

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