Of Human Bondage has just been closed, and I really enjoyed it. It was thoughtful, the language was strong, and I appreciated the journey - even though it was tiresome at times. As well it should be - the story of a man's becoming shouldn't be tossed off in a mere few lines, right? Many times, I couldn't sympathize or even comprehend the feelings or actions of Philip (need I say more than Mildred?), but I always appreciated his honest appraisal of a situation, and the narrator's voice was a consistently trustworthy guide. I have to admit to liking the happy ending and to being truly worried about how Philip's financial woes would be resolved. The ending seemed rather hurried, though. In particular, I didn't understand how we could watch him embark on this relationship with Sally and never have a conversation about their age difference (she, 19, he, 30) and never hear what her parents (his dear friends) thought of the situation. Overall, though, a fine work. I'm thrilled to add this one to the "Have Read" pile.

What's next? I must go peruse the shelves.

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