An Interview With Me? You Shouldn't Have.

You guys!  The ever-amazing Mollie of Eat, Run, Read has graciously allowed me to participate in her By the Book Interview series.  Mollie impresses me beyond all measure, both with her running (she is amazingly fast and humble.  It's weird) and her work with refugees.  She's also literate and thoughtful.  Aaaaand she bakes pretty ridiculously sinful-looking stuff.  If you don't know her blog, do browse around a bit.  After you read the interview, of course.  It was serious fun (as all fun should be).  And while I have you  here, consider this your public service announcement for the day:


  1. HAHA love the video! And thanks again for the interview and oh so nice words! :)

    1. I feel like we could kinda endlessly go back and forth with "you're welcome" "thank you" "no thank you" "you're welcome". Suffice it to say: you da bomb. (although, really, who are we kidding? I don't say you da bomb.)