Love and Loss: Maurice Sendak

I have previously and exuberantly expressed my abiding love of Maurice Sendak's work.  His Where the Wild Things Are breaks all barriers for me, and I rank it among the best books ever.  I call it one of the world's perfect books.

Just as when Eudora Welty died several years ago, the news of Sendak's death today has sent me quietly searching for more of him.  I am pragmatic about life, about death, about aging.  I have no desire to unnaturally prolong life and hope to "go" before I lose connection with who I am in this world.  That said, when we lose a iconic, important figure like Sendak, it makes me pause.

In memory of this incredible man, and in honor of the power of books to live on past their creator's lives, here again is me reading one of the world's perfect books to my precious children.  I'm so glad to have this book in my life.  I'm so thankful for the life of Maurice Sendak.

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