I'm still knee-deep in A Game of Thrones and trying to clean out and organize my itunes and two-year's worth of photos, and I'm supposed to be grading portfolios, so I ain't gonna post anything real.  But my cleaning out unearthed this picture I took this spring that just had to be shared.  They tried, God bless 'em.  But I'm hoping that if the apocalypse comes while I'm at their restaurant, I'm going to get that lunch special for free.


  1. Was the food at least good?! ;)

  2. Lord, Trish, you don't think I actually ate there??? I'm not sure I can trust such an establishment. But it is still there months later, so perhaps it is good. Check this out:


  3. Ha, funny! Good luck getting all your work done (and I hope you're enjoying Game of Thrones!).