Friday First Drafts

Istanbul was Constantinople.  Now it's Istanbul and Constantinople's been a long time gone.  Used to be Tuesday First Drafts.  Now I have an 8 am class and don't get to my computer until 11 or after.  I just ain't feelin' it, folks.  Plus, Friday provides a much nicer alliterative thing.  Now, for the first draft...


The miracle of lunar birth -
once one and now two.
Did the Girls think of our
silent satellite
when first they sang
of the spinning,
spitting turmoil
of this Earth?
Allow that surging and
violent thrusting, a hurtling
into unknown before gentle
suspension in orbit, to remind you
of your own birth
or that of your children.
See the moon now
swaddled in
atmospheric shelter,
protected and inextricably
linked to our Mother
Earth and prostrate before
the overseer of this birth
and infinite others.
Eternal midwifery.
The hands of God.

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