Tuesday First Drafts

The Play's the Thing

I didn't read a single page
Last night, Mama
I turned on my booklight only
To count and make sure all
The diamond beads were
Still there
I don't want to practice
My line for you, I say it
Every night before I sleep
But not loud like I will today
Just quiet for me and
Mary Beth to hear
My teacher said we can
Wear green (tortoises are green!)
Or brown or black or
Any dark color instead of
Just brown like the note says
I can't wear white socks
They will think I'm on the hare's team
They are wearing all white
I don't stand up
To say my line because
I'm one of the smaller ones
I just sit on the ground
Like this
You will be so proud
When you hear me say
My line.

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