Room by Emma Donoghue Giveaway

Now, maybe everyone has just already read it, and maybe nobody wants it.  That's fine.  I am not offended.  But, it occurred to me that perhaps those that hadn't read it and might actually want to own it for free would have seen my spoiler alert and stopped reading the last post.  Thus, they would never have gotten to the part where I said I was giving it away.  So, let me be clear and uncluttered:

I would like to give away my copy of Room by Emma Donoghue.  I am also giving away a paperback copy of From Here to April, which was really quite an interesting novel about motherhood, depression, and womanhood in general. If you are interested in either or both, please comment below.  I will be glad to ship them anywhere.  If no one is interested, I will also be glad to give them as Christmas gifts to unsuspecting friends.  Winners either way!


  1. I read to the end of your previous post and have actually been waffling about whether or not I want to read Room and whether or not, therefore, I should try to win it from you. Overall, I'm not really sure I want to read it right now...or possibly ever. I did very much enjoy your post on it, though.

  2. What's your objection to it, Emily? I'm not trying to convince you; merely curious.

  3. Given the rest of my reading material I know it may sound odd, but the subject of such intense, ongoing abuse of woman + child just isn't something I feel able to take on right now. I was deeply disturbed by John Fowles's novel The Collector, which had some similar themes (a psychopath kidnapping a young girl and keeping her isolated in a secret room, a preoccupation with depicting mental states of the characters from the inside), and it's left me gunshy about reading similar novels. Maybe someday, though!