A Complete Meal

I finished The Omnivore's Dilemma last night after several nights of reading 2 pages and crashing. And as I suspected, it has definitely managed to complicate life further than I'm sure I wanted it to.  No, I'm always glad for the eye-opening, the enlightening.  And Pollan does an excellent job of telling a full story rather than just one side.  It is clear to me, though, the only choice Pollan is espousing and the only choice for me to support as well: more local, organic, relational eating.

In comparing his McDonald's drive-thru meal to his self-gathered, killed, foraged, or grown "slow-food" meal, he writes:
The pleasures of the one are based on a nearly perfect knowledge; the pleasures of the other on an equally perfect ignorance. (410)

I have always been someone who embraces knowledge and tries to overcome ignorance in myself and in others when possible.  This knowledge does require a different kind of awareness and intention in our food choices, and I am pleased that we have the options we do.  I'm excited about the CSA partnership we got involved with this spring; I continue to love what Dad does on the farm.  We'll just keep thinking and growing our knowledge and hope that the knowledge continues to spread through the vast array of ignorance that persists out there.

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