The Human Stain by Philip Roth

It took me a good week to read the last 25 pages of this book. I think that sums it about up.

Joking aside, this book has been a conundrum to me. I haven't really enjoyed it, but it was thought-provoking; I didn't want to abandon it, but I was ready to be done with it almost as soon as I started. Ironic, then, about the extremely slow-going at the end. It was mostly due to me being too sleepy each night to sustain even a single page turn's worth of attention, but I know I've been just as tired at the end of more compelling books and managed to stay awake just to finish them. So.

There you have my introduction to the great master, Roth. I'm not giving up. There wasn't anything hard or particularly detestable about the book or the writing; there just also wasn't anything that changed me or moved me or even made me stand in awe of the talent. I'll give him another try at some point. Just not any point real soon.

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