Tears Upon Completion

Oh, The Book Thief. You've completed the cycle now. You've impressed me and moved me to tears and made me not want to finish, not want to let go of these incredible characters. Markus Zusak has moved to the top of my favorite list of the moment. Thank you, Zusak, for offering us such a wealth of ideas, images, and feelings.

A few more dog-eared moments:

Her feet scolded the floor.
Air breathed up her pajama sleeves.
She walked through the corridor darkness in the direction of silence that had once been noisy, toward the thread of moonlight standing in the living room. She stopped, feeling the bareness of her ankles and toes. She watched.

From the fable/fairy tale, "The Word Shaker"
There was once a strange, small man. He decided three important details about his life:
1. He would part his hair from the opposite side to everyone else.
2. He would make himself a small, strange mustache.
3. He would one day rule the world.

It is so cliched, but this book makes me want to start over and read it again. Right now. It is so fine; it nearly stops me completely.

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