Nombre Un

Jennifer at Rambling Renovators does a semi-regular feature she calls The Love List, and it's always a fun collection of what has caught her eye lately. I'm feeling inspired by the idea and hope she doesn't mind if I bounce to a new feature of my own, one I'm just calling The List. This here is installment number one, and each time it shows up, The List will include things that have made me happy or made me exclamatory (this happens more often than you might think) or made me pause for one of those long, summer sighs that are so, so right. Here you go:

Sunshine after days of grey and rain

 The daylilies in my yard

 Mr. Peabody and Sherman at the cheap theater plus a gift card, making our ticket total $1.25

Asking for and receiving a truck load of mulch for my birthday

Our local library and all the cool stuff to do there this summer

    Hiking at Audubon Acres

    Finding a new (non-formulaic!) middle-grades novel and loving it: The Year of the Book by Andrea Cheng 

    Straight and Narrow
    Dreaming about my new screened-in porch (image from bhg.com)

    A new project in my town that explores neighborhoods and their people. It's called Crossing Paths, and you should check it out here and follow the project on twitter

    Happy Saturday, y'all. I've got mulch to spread.


    1. Beautiful!! I love that screened in porch :)

      1. Thanks, Lu. I'm pretty excited about it. Maybe late summer? You may know how scheduling and contractors goes.... I'm just going to wait and see how it develops.