Clearly, There is Something Wrong With Me

Do you remember a few years ago when I gave you that charming list of the things I had done one day while my family was out of town? There were plum tarts and afternoon naps involved. Go see. That was adorable.

My family left for Spring Break without me on Sunday (I have work), and though that sounds like a pity party, it's really not.  It is really quite miraculous to be at home by yourself. I may have to work, but my obligations outside of work are zero. It changes everything. And usually, it means some indulgences.

For instance, whenever my family goes out of town, I buy of box of Little Debbie Fudge Rounds. Normally won't have them in the house, and then I buy a box and eat them. Two at a time. Until they are gone. It is a sickness.

I also picked up a small sack of beautiful green apples. My favorites. Because I don't have to worry about such trifling things as proper meal times or nutritional balance, I have had a sliced green apple and a scoop of peanut butter (large) for dinner the last three nights. And then sometimes a beer and chips later. Cause that's really living on the edge for me.

Often, I don't turn on the television the whole time they are gone. Two nights ago, I watched something like 5 episodes in a row of - wait for it - Love It or List It on HGTV. I could hear my braincells' death rattles.

Last night, however, was the piece de resistance. I stumbled to bed around 1 am. I almost couldn't feel my feet on my way to the bathroom to take out my contacts. This morning, I was so dazed that I pushed the button on the coffeepot only to realize I had not put new water and coffee in it the night before. I also found that I had failed to lock the front door before going to bed. Can you say Ca-Razy Night?

So, what was I up to so late, hmmmm? Drinking with friends? An illicit meet-up with a former love interest?


I'm not going to say, exactly, but it might have had something to do with this:


  1. LOL I love Love It or List It! It's a serious addiction

  2. It is! Any show that runs back to back like that can suck me in. It's probably why I just don't turn the TV on at all most of the time. Me = no self control(as evidenced by the Fudge Rounds revelation! But for the record, I eat 2 a day until they are gone. NOT THE WHOLE BOX AT ONCE!)