What I Have Been Up To In the Last 10 Days

Let's review, shall we?

Homemade Advent Calendar in the tiny hours before December 1st?


I liked the idea of the ready-made Lego advent calendars, but I didn't like the actual products, so I made my own.  I got the bags and tags from amazon (split both with a friend), made the cards, and broke up a large Lego set (the Winter Village Bakery) for 5 of our advent days.  The rest of the days, we have service-oriented activities or seasonal fun stuff, we have scripture for each day, and each Sunday holds the advent candle and our reading for our advent wreath.  Frankly, I love it.  It was definitely worth staying up until 1:30 to sort all 600+ pieces of the set, finish the cards, and stuff the bags.

One of two December Birthdays?

The boy wanted to go back to the LEGO store in Atlanta for his birthday, so we did.  He also requested The Varsity for dinner (Whaddyahave?), so that's what we did.  We also decided it would be pretty easy to make a lego brick cake for his family party the next day, so I .... tried.  It would have actually worked quite well if I weren't so frosting-challenged, and if I hadn't overeagerly plopped the mini cupcakes on top rather than cutting their bottoms off first.  I might have to try again next year.

All. The. Grading?
Cats Love It funny picture
No one takes pictures of grading.  You just have to put your head down and do it.  I give you this picture instead.  As for the grading, I finished at 11:53 Saturday night, even though grades weren't due until today at noon.

Why the big rush?

Because we surprised the girl (December birthday two of two) with a trip to the Atlanta Ballet Nutcracker with her best friend.  We left yesterday after church and got home after lunch today.  It was amazing, breathtaking, magical, and definitely a wellworththedrive improvement over the local productions we'd seen the last several years.  And of course, I have no pictures.  Because I like taking my camera all the way to Atlanta and not using it.

So, now I'm home.  There are magazines to read, books to finish (Tinkers by Paul Harding), presents to wrap, tree lights to put on, painting to do, and a somewhat return to blogging.  Cheers to December.  I do love this month.


  1. I ADORE that advent! And the Nutcracker. I hope the girls enjoyed it. I've seen it several times and adore it but Scott won't do ballet so it's been a while.

    Ahhh--tis the season. Hope you enjoy the break!

    1. Thanks, Trish. I have been loving it as well. As for the Nutcracker, you should totally start taking the babe in the next year or so. We went for the first time when the girl was 4, I guess. Her birthday being on Christmas Day means we have a lot of Christmas-related birthday traditions, but a good production would be a worthwhile tradition regardless of birthday! Happy December to you and yours!