Home Fires: 2013 To-Do List

I'm not one for New Year's Resolutions in the traditional sense, but I do love me some to-do lists.  I make a to-do list every day or so, and I love the getting-things-done feeling it gives me.  In that spirit, here is the official 2013 To-Do List!

1. Do More/Do Better with my Camera
I've really enjoyed the photo-a-days in the past, so here's January's as a possible starting point. I've also been pinning a few tutorials to help me use my DSLR better. I also haven't made my annual photo book since 2008 (WHAAAT??), so I'm committed to getting 2009 finished and maybe even 2012. I use Blurb, and if you don't, you should. Finally, I need to do better about printing a few choice shots for family members near and far and about changing out my framed shots of the kids.
photo a day
2.  Learn Something New in the Kitchen
Some of my ideas include "mastering" skills such as bread baking, pizza dough, using my food processor (Merry Christmas to me!), canning (see Tart and Sweet review later this week), and ribs on the grill.

3.  Clean Out iTunes
I've got a lot of music in my iTunes library, and inevitably, when I choose shuffle, I have to sift through songs I don't want to hear to get to some I do. That should not be. I download a lot of free music that I don't always have time to listen to, and some of the old stuff we've had forever could probably get dismissed at this point. I need to clean out some stuff and create some more playlists and just deal with it like I need to deal with my closets.

4.  Clean Out my Closets
Not a metaphor. We have four hall closets that need serious help. They've basically been dumping grounds since June, and I'm over it.

5.  Submit Writing. Somewhere.
I've got the beginnings of a support team going (though I've been slacking over the holidays) and a goal. Though acceptance would be fantastic, I would just be glad to put something in the mail at this point.

6.  Step Away From the (Effing) Computer
This is incongruous, I know. I'm blogging about spending less time on my computer. I am not saying I will blog less, but I am really trying to establish some email/work hours that mean I spend less time in front of this screen. I'm afraid this item is the one most like a typical resolution and thus most likely to fail.

That's it. Do you have a 2013 list?


  1. Yay for photobooks, I'm another fan of Blurb books. I really need to do Project365 again though next year to get my photography habit back. :)

    1. I'm failing at the photoaday so far, but I am almost ready to assemble 2010's Blurb book. Hooray!

  2. Good luck with your aspirational gaols for 2013 - anything we can do to spend less time infront of the screen must be good for us (I would think). I encourage you with your writing ambition - that is admirable.All the best, and Happy New Year!

    1. Tamara, I must be succeeding at the less time in front of the screen because I am woefully neglectful of the blog. Must find balance.