Questions Answered!

Isabella at Magnificent Octopus tagged me in a thing making the rounds where bloggers introduce other bloggers to more bloggers via a list of questions to be answered.  Thanks to Isabella for including me and for such fun questions.  Here goes:

1. What book (a classic?) do you hate? 
Well, hate is, as they say, such a strong word, but just this past July (and August!), I read Victor Hugo's Les Miserables, and I really didn't much like it. I like long books typically, but this one was just a chore. Like sitting with your pedantic Uncle at Thanksgiving and being expected to appreciate his lecture on the sewage systems of Paris. There are some brilliant parts, but they are held captive by the lectures, and I think I have to conclude the musical is better (gasp!).

2. To what extent do you judge people by what they read?
Unfortunately, I tend to be a Judgy McJudgerson about too many things, and though it is something I'm working on, books are still a pitfall. I have to fight the urge to think less of those who read "junk" even though I know there is no such thing. I love Ana's response (at Things Mean a Lot) and the Neil Gaiman quote she provides. A good reminder for me. A more positive spin on this trait is that, like most readers, I do love to look at people's bookshelves and find common ground there, a form of judgment I suppose.

3. What television series would you recommend as the literariest?
I don't watch much other than The Daily Show (which is so smart and often literary, so I guess it counts), but when it is available, I would rather watch Sherlock (the real one on BBC) than anything else. Best. TV. Ever.

4. Describe your ideal home library.
This question has me gob-smacked a bit because my view on keeping books is shifting, it seems.  Some days I want my whole house to be a library, with equal parts tall bookshelves and shafts of natural light and reading nooks. At other times, I want to give and receive books like water through fingers, keeping none and always seeking the new (even if the new is hundreds of years old). I haven't gotten rid of all my books yet, though, and I'm dreaming of the built-ins in my living room, so I guess I'm still wanting to be surrounded by my treasures.  Hmmm....

5. Books or sex?
The fact that I sometimes ask for and am granted "just another minute to finish this chapter" is proof that though I might waffle a tiny bit, I don't have to choose, thank heavens.

6. How do you decide what to read next?
I usually let fancy drive me. It's been a problem lately as I have several library books just waiting for me to get the urge or to get my reading groove back or something. I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving in WV, which is always such a rest-full and read-full time for me. I will finish Travels with Charley before we go, and I might go all YA for the trip.  Rarely do I have something Big to anticipate, and right now is one of those times.  I've asked for a Kindle for Christmas with the 2nd Game of Thrones title pre-loaded on it, and everything else just feels like a placeholder until then.

7. How much do you talk about books in real life (outside of the blogging community)?
As a University English professor, I talk about books a lot, but surprisingly, not much about what I'm reading for pleasure.  My colleagues and I too often complain more about grading than talk about what we're reading.  And in my personal life, I do have a few active readers in my life, but we don't usually talk  about books.  It's why I (and so many of us) find something vital in this community, I think.  It's a place to let all these thoughts fly without being someone else's pedantic Uncle at Thanksgiving.

We've reached the end. If you are someone who is finding me for the first time through this meme, WELCOME!  I think I'm supposed to tag others and keep this ball rolling, but I fear the cycle on this one is winding down. Instead, here are three bookish questions:
1. What is your favorite literary(ish) movie?
2. Are you monogamous or promiscuous with your reading?
3. What is your favorite non-book thing to read?
Choose one (or all three) to answer in the comments.  Make sure to provide a link to your blog (if you've got one)!


  1. I'm shockingly promiscuous with my reading - so many books on the go that I sometimes get a little confused and wonder what happened to that character...? Oh, wrong book. I do finish them all though.

    1. Oooh.....like calling a lover by the wrong name! Such a dirty secret. ;) I am typically monogamous myself. Lately, I've been flirting with too many, and it makes me overwhelmed. Back to being a one-book woman, I suppose!

  2. I am also working on my book judging tendencies. I used to be awful to my sister about the books she read, but I've started to realize that what a person is reading at one time isn't an assessment of them or their reading in general. And people read for lots of reasons, and the fact that I enjoy books that are less easily judged doesn't make me better.

    1. Yes! We all have seasons, and it is completely inappropriate to judge someone (especially a stranger) on the basis of what he/she might be reading in that moment. Ridiculous.