Home Fires: Pin It and Do It Update

As has clearly already been established, Pinterest is a beautiful thing. And though I've been slow to post, I have actually been doing some stuff for Trish's Pin It and Do It October Challenge. The crazy thing is that they've all been successes. Wheeeeeeeee.

1.  Our Halloween Party Invitations (original pin):

I printed the invites using the printable, which includes some cute stickers for the party favor. I haven't printed those yet, but I got the round labels for them and decided to make some big seals for the great orange envelopes I got from Amazon to pull it all together. Love them. And they were much easier than the ridiculously intricate DIY set I used last year.

2.  Tub and Shower Magic (original pin):
I have no picture for this one, but you can't smell a picture, and that's the best part of this pin. It's too soapy by the ratio they provide in the pin, so feel free to water it down a bit. It will still work in all its nifty, blue-scented glory.

3.  Broccoli Cheese Soup (original pin):

Yum. I actually hybridized this recipe with the one on the Velveeta box. I don't normally buy processed cheese, but when I want my Mama's Potato-Cheese Soup, that's what I get. It might be just as good as Mama's with real cheese, but it wouldn't be Mama's. So, I had some leftover (because the husband unwittingly bought the giant box) and a huge bag of Costco broccoli florets that had to be eaten, and this delicious soup was born. The kids loved it, it made plenty to throw in the freezer, and we didn't let stuff go to waste.

4.  Frittata (original pin):

The past few weeks have been nuts with work stuff and house stuff, and dinner has unfortunately fallen by the wayside a few more times than I like. Tonight, I needed to scramble something together, and this frittata was just the ticket. I've made a frittata before, but I especially like the way this pin offers lots of options. For the record, ours was potatoes, green bell pepper, spinach, and ham (well, and eggs, of course), and it was delicious.

5.  Black Stair Risers (original pin):

We are finally finishing our stairwell, and here was the first step (ha!): Joel painted the risers black. Unfortunately, this wasn't as much of a success because the semi-gloss shows off all the imperfections too much. So, this picture is a new "before" because something else is going to happen "after." I still like the idea of the black, but we're making some adjustments. You'll have to wait for the big reveal to see it all.

6.  Supporting Local Food (original pin):

 It is Friday evening, after all.  


  1. Great pins! And I love the black stair-tread idea - can't wait to see how you re-do.

  2. You are awesome!! I've been out of town so forgive my late arrival commenting here but I'm so glad that all of these were successes. And no, I don't think it's weird that you blocked your info (that blurb made me laugh). Fun with Picmonkey?? ;)

    That frittata is beautiful!

  3. I came over from Trish's round-up of Pin It and Do It Challenge posts. That frittata looks amazing! Great job with all of those pins!