I have never participated in a Bloggiesta before, mostly because I've not wanted to take the time for it, but also because I haven't been sure I wanted to change much about the blog.  But with all the buzz around the webs about truncated posts, captcha annoyances, watermarking photos, copyright, and such, I've been wondering if I need to poke around the site a bit.  I've also been wondering if I need to know more about stuff like post scraping and feedburners and selfhosting.  If all of this sounds like gibberish to you, don't worry.  I'm not too far from there myself.  I do not have any inclination that someone would want to steal my content.  In fact, I'm not all that sure anyone much wants to read my content some days.  But, I do like what I've got going on, and I'm a constant improver, so I'm throwing my hat into the Bloggiesta ring.  During the weekend of September 28-30, I'm going to spend some time thinking and learning about improving the blog.  From layout to comments, features to photos, I'm considering some major changes.

Any feedback you care to provide would be appreciated.  In fact, I've created a little survey (literally 5 questions long).  If you would respond, I would be thankful.

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