No Power, No Post

It's July, and I am not in Paris. I'm in WV with no power after a big storm Friday night. I'll get to a Paris in July post as soon as possible. D'accord?


  1. Oh no! Good luck getting your power back soon. I know it might be a few days before some people get their's back!

  2. Thanks, Kelly. I'm back now, but they still don't have power. We're hoping for today! As for me, I've got a lot of catching up to do here on my blog and on visiting others. Thanks for stopping by and happy Paris in July!

  3. My friend who lives in WV just got her power back on yesterday afternoon! Glad you're okay and you have power now :)

    1. Where does your friend live? My in-laws might get it today, but it might also still be next week. Ugh! Glad to be home indeed.