Pin It and Do It - The Final Update

Can you read that post title without instantly hearing It's the Final Countdown!  Da-da-DA-da.  da-da-da-da-da.  da-da-DA-da.  And so on?  I'll admit it: I cannot.

But I can do some stuff that I saw on Pinterest and then post about it here, thus completing a strangely satisfying challenge totally unrelated to bookish things.  It's the Pin It and Do It Challenge, and I have thoroughly enjoyed it.  Thanks to Trish at Love, Laughter, and a Touch of Insanity for the great idea and inspiration.

1.  Magnetic Flashlight on the Breaker Box:
I don't need to take a picture of my breaker box and flashlight because it looks a lot like the one in the pin.  Suffice it to say, I think this idea is genius.  Our breaker box is in our unfinished crawl space/basement area.  There is a light, but OBVIOUSLY, if there is a problem with the electrical system, the light might not work.  Hence the flashlight.  As these guys say: Brilliant!

2.  Homemade Coconut Milk Shampoo:
So, I read the comments on the original link and found that though I do basically have "virgin" hair (ie, unadulterated by product or color), I still might have a LONG adjustment period as I "detox" my hair and return it to its "natural" state through this shampoo.  Or I might have dreadlocks.  Either way, I decided I wasn't quite ready for that process, but I made a little batch of it anyway and used it as shave gel, and it is quite nice.  I put it in an old foaming hand soap dispenser, and it really does feel great and did leave my legs softer and more moisturized than usual.  So, semi-success, I suppose!

3.  Shooting Stars Craft:
I want to give my kids a bit more structure this summer, so we're going to do some "school" based on more involved questions they have asked me in the last couple of months.  We've been keeping a running list, and though I didn't plan to start until after the move, they wanted to learn about eclipses and shooting stars last week, so we did.  And boy did this craft go over well.  It was super-easy, completely kid-friendly, and lots of fun to play with afterwards.

As my note on the pin mentions, I wasn't convinced of this idea originally, but I kind of liked the stripe.  I just painted a chest of drawers that I got FREE on the side of the road, the free part being what made it easy to decide to paint it.  I'm still struggling with the whole "to paint wood is a travesty" thing, but this project was a fun way to get over it.  Here's the before:

And here it is with the stripe:

I am pleased.

I committed to 4-7 pins, and I have shown 11 completed pins this month.  I don't even think I'll need a challenge to keep this little feature going.  Happy Pinning, y'all!


  1. The dresser looks great! My hair is like yours, as in I've never dyed it or permed it or chemically straightened it, but it started to get really weighed down with conditioner and product, so I used an all-natural, sulfate-free clarifying shampoo for two weeks and now I use all-natural conditioner and shampoo. My hair's never been better. I've thought about making my own, so I'd be really interested to know what it's like if you end up using it on your hair!

  2. Mine is weighed down, too, but I think that's because I have at least 5 inches too much length currently. My hair being so long is another reason I was a bit scared off - gummed up hair to the middle of your back is just nothing I'm too interested in. Howevah, your encouragement may just change my mind. I'd love to know what specifically you used to "detox" and what you use now.