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Usually each July, I amass a small stack of French-ified books and such.  This year, I am focusing my Paris in July on one major goal:

The Les Miserables Readalong. With the buzz surrounding the recently released trailer for this winter's Les Miserables movie, I've heard several folks say they would be interested in a Readalong.  Not wanting to start this journey alone, I decided I would host!  Here's what I'm thinking:

Week of July 1st - Fantine (Books 1-8 or pages 1-300 in my edition)
Week of July 8th - Cosette (Books 1-8 or pages 301-573)
Week of July 15th - Marius (Books 1-8 or pages 575-819)
Week of July 22nd - Saint-Denis (Books 1-15 or pages 821-1167)
Week of July 29th - Jean Valjean (Books 1-9 or pages 1169-1463)

I'll do wrap-up posts on Saturdays, and there will be a Grande Finale post on August 6th.  This book is a major chunk, so there will be rewards along the way to encourage and motivate you.  Whether you are a re-reader or a first-timer, you'll get something out of this beautiful and important book.

Fellow Paris in July-ers, consider this passage from the introduction of my edition:
One of the book's particular joys is Hugo's contagious love of Paris, the center and symbol of France, first described in terms of its people, who are seen as wrong-headed at times, but always resourceful and witty.  Obvious affection is also lavished on the physical city, the landmarks and streets where much of the action unfolds.  Hugo follows the characters through their winding itineraries, mentioning each street by name.
I'm going to go to Paris this July with Victor Hugo. Do join me!

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