Les Mis Fail and June Photo-a-Day

Welp, I'm still gonna be reading the Les Miserables behemoth, but apparently the rest of yous is scared.  Or perhaps (just perhaps) I didn't give you enough lead time to plan appropriately for something like this.  Come to think of it, deciding to do a July readalong of Les Mis on June 25th is akin to deciding on June 25th to leave for a month in Albania on July 1st.  Most folks just don't undertake such travel without planning.  So, my apologies.  I'll let you know how the weather is in Albania, and if you get a wild hair and want to join in at the last second, feel free.

I am about to leave for a few days out of town, and ridiculously enough, I feel compelled to finish not one but TWO books before I leave.  In an hour.

The kids and I have one more chapter of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe to finish before we can hit the road (we have The Magician's Nephew on CD for our trip).  Also, I have only a few pages left of Lizard Music, and I'd like to leave it here finished.  If this were twitter, I'd probably have to do this: #unrealisticexpectations.

But what I will do before I leave is give you my June Photo-a-Day.  I was much more relaxed about this one, so there is not a shot for everyday.  But there are some I'm proud of.  Enjoy.

The prompts I used:

I completed the following: Close-Up, Sign, Hat, Door, From a Low Angle, Art, Time, Yellow, Out and About, In Your Bag (Summer's Bounty from my Parents' Farm), Something We Don't Know About You (Running Shoes = Training for Another Half), Where You Slept, From a High Angle, and Movement (2 Shots of Chess). What do you think?
I'm not too proud of this slide show (the full screen option blows the resolution), but it's what I had time for today.  I'll keep tinkering with it.


  1. I was tempted to join in on the Les Mis readalong, because I've been thinking lately that I want to read it soon, but I just can't cope with reading to a schedule. If I do end up picking it up, I'll let you know :)

    1. After a week without power, I've made a good start on it. I'm hoping I can keep to the schedule without feeling I'm missing out on so much other Paris in July fun!~