I Ain't Even Gonna Lie....

I'm exhausted.

The kids are home from WV, so I can finally say we have moved even though we have been moving in/moving out for almost a week now.  There are still a few breakables, the fish, and the contents of our storage room to get moved from the old place, and things like this

to contend with in EVERY ROOM of the new place.  So, yeah, I'm tired.  And only gonna get tireder.  And I can't pretend I'm superhuman and can get this all done Mary Poppins-style.  It is going to keep taking work, and we've been working for weeks.

But every day there is more progress.  More cool stuff.  And more of our own home to enjoy.

There's also the room that will be a half bath but is serving for now as book storage:

And since it has that beautiful built-in cabinet there, I'm thinking why not make the half bath double as a library?  It's a good spot for reading, I think.

June photo-a-day has been mostly a fail, but here are the few I have captured:

June 4: Close-Up

I am posting two because I took them, and I like them.  Deal with it.

June 5: Sign

This sign has been making me laugh for weeks.  I'm so glad photo-a-day prompted me to capture it before we moved away from seeing it every day.

June 6: Hat

Actually taken on moving day night.  One of our amazing friends who helped us move.  And his ever-faithful Cubs hat.

That's all you get.

Oh, and this tease of the master bedroom.  It is going to be so restful and wonderful.


  1. CONGRATS!! I know are you exhausted, but it's going to be SO worth it!!! HOORAY!!!! And thanks again for letting our stuff live in your beautiful home for the year--we're eternally grateful! xoxo

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Sara. Each day gets a little better. Have you guys gotten settled?

  3. Congratulations on the move! Look at all those empty bookshelves just waiting to be filled...

    1. Thanks, Lu! Normally, getting my books unloaded is a major priority - often because it is easy! Here, though, books don't have a natural home yet, so they will have to wait. Sadness.