Pin It and Do It Challenge - Update One

It is May!  Perhaps my favorite month (and not just because I was born in it).  This month, I am participating in Trish's Pin It and Do It Challenge, and I have been busy.  This challenge is designed to take us from the dreamy world of Pinterest into the real world where stuff gets done - the idea is to convert pinned ideas to reality and report on their successes and failures.  

My first major success has come through the Photo-a-Day activity for May.  I've enjoyed the creative challenge of interpreting these prompts, and I will post my first week's responses on Sunday.  Here's a teaser from Day One (the prompt was Peace):

Several weeks ago, I made some homemade laundry detergent, which I have been using, but I haven't been pleased with it.  The mix was too thin; it felt like the water to soap ratio was off.  So, today, I tweaked it a bit, and here's what I came up with:

I'm using a smaller container (about 1/2 a gallon) than the original post did.  My first foray had me cutting the soap in half, but since it was so thin, I've upped the liquid soap.  Maybe the Kiss My Face version of Castille soap I am using is already diluted?  As the original poster showed, I have removed the pour spout to make mixing easier; it pops right back in when you are finished (but do make sure to line it back up properly.  The first time I did this, I just shoved it down in there anywhichaway and quickly realized that was not going to work!).  

I ended up using the rest of my small bottle, which was about 1.5 cups of soap.  I then filled up the bottle with warm water, and it was probably about 3 cups of water, so the ratio here is probably close to 2:1.  I didn't add any essential oils because 1. I didn't have any and 2. the soap already had a lovely lavender scent going on.

There was still some baking soda that didn't mix well in the bottom of my container, so I added another 3 heaping spoonfuls of soda.  The recipe calls for 1 cup for a gallon, so I think this remains pretty consistent to that ratio.  Shake and pour (but wait for it to settle before pouring or you will spill what has gotten into the handle and lid during the shaking process).  It's still pretty thin, so I'll probably try another recipe next time.

Finally, after some seriously rotten bananas stayed around a day or two too long, we had a large family of fruit flies move in.  I have hated fruitflies since 9th grade when our Biology class bred vast quantities of them in our foray into genetics.  Gross.  So, after a quick search on Pinterest for some pantry solutions to the fruitfly problem, I came up with this.  My version is apple cider vinegar and dish soap in a clean lunch meat container with holes punched in the top.  Considering the number of dead fruitflies in there this morning, I'm calling this one a success.  

That's it for now.  Thanks, Pin-Trish, for the prompting.  


  1. I've used the apple cider vinegar and dish soap trick for fruit flies many times. I end up keeping a little jar of it out most of the time during the summer, when peaches seem to produce fruit flies if they sit out even a day. It amazes me that it works!

    1. It's a wonder more people don't know about it. Those gardening supply catalogs are always selling fruitfly traps. I much prefer free!

  2. Apple cider vinegar and dish soap is a great idea! Wonderful...now are there ideas for getting rid of flies and mosquitoes?

    1. I haven't checked for those remedies. But it's worth a look!

  3. These are great! I'm glad you're participating as well. And happy birthday month! I love your "peace" photograph.

  4. Thanks, Lu! I'm having such fun with these prompts, but today has given me a bit of trouble. I need to go get a shot in now.

  5. LOL. Pin-Trish. ;)

    So...detergent is a bust, huh? I've often wondered how many of the home remedies are worth a go--another participant had some problems with a soap scum remover that she tried as well. But yay for the fruit fly trap!! But ick about the genetics project...

    And I love the photo a day. I'm a few days behind (something you do every day threw me off--didn't want to resort to taking picture of my toothbrush).

    And happy birthday this month! ;)