Pin It and Do It Challenge - Update Deux

I've been a Pinterest-addict lately.  It's all part of the whole-house renovation, remodeling, redecorating, moving thing I've got going on, and today I have a few completed tasks from Pinterest to report on.  This is my second response to Trish's fun Pin It and Do It Challenge.  Go here to see results from more bloggers with Pinterest on the brain.

1.  Boiled Eggs in the Oven:
This pin promised a cleaner process AND easy-to-peel eggs, and it was right.  I will definitely make this method my go-to, but I'm wondering why my eggs had tiny brown spots in the cooked white.  Somehow from the pan?  Would muffin cups help or hurt the process?  Eggs were delicious, though, and much easier to peel.

We loooooooove Brussels Sprouts in our house.  Seriously, my daughter cheers in the checkout line when I am buying them, and it makes me ridiculously happy.  Like I'm some kind of super-mom because my kids like Brussels Sprouts.  Nevermind that they think dessert should be after every meal.  Unfortunately, this recipe was only ok.  One of the commenters on the original post indicated it was kind of one-note, and we agreed.  It needed something.  And because we love Brussels Sprouts so much, mixing their flavors with these other blase flavors was not our favorite use of the green.  So, I probably won't make it again, but it was certainly edible.

3.  Homemade Chewy Granola Bars:

My daughter often eats those Quaker chewy granola bars for an afternoon snack, so this recipe definitely appeals to my thrifty and homemade nature.  Overall, they were pretty good, but they didn't hang together as well as the store-bought ones.  The original recipe indicates some tips and issues with crumbly bars and different sugar ratios, so I'll probably try these again.  I want to try the oatmeal raisin ones next.

4.  Washing Machine Cleaning:

My front-loader washing machine is pretty gross.  I don't wipe it out regularly (as the pin instructs me to do), so the black in the creases seems to be pretty much baked in.  I'm ashamed to show you this before shot:

For the record, because the grossness is so well-established, it doesn't make my machine stink or my clothes smell funny (which lots of front-loader owners complain of) possibly because I do actually clean it periodically with just a spray and a wipe.  But it never comes off.  So, I decided to try the deep clean methods mentioned in the post.  I ran an empty load with vinegar.  I used Bon Ami and an old toothbrush to scrub at the black (three applications actually).  And I did several hot water/bleach wash loads.  The result?

A slight improvement.  I'm calling it a success though.  That stuff was industrial-strength, hard-core black-crease junk.  Anyone know a way to fully eradicate it?  Other than buying a new machine and wiping it down after every load?

I think that's enough sharing for now.  Have a beautiful Wednesday!


  1. I love brussel sprouts too! Good to know this recipe wasn't anything special. I've been thinking of trying one recipe I pinned that has brussel sprouts with grapes, should be interesting...

    1. Ooh, I can't quite imagine how those two flavors will interact. Good luck!

  2. I'm so bummed about the pesto sausage brussel sprouts conglom. It sounds like it could have a lot of potential. As an experimenting newbie kind of cook I get so frustrated when I know a recipe needs something but can't figure it out. I guess that just comes from experience?

    My mom has a front loader and has the same problem as you with the rubber. It was the sole reason why I got a top loading machine. Seems like some of these home-remedy type things on Pinterest end up being a bust.

    And too funny about the eggs! Just yesterday my coworker sent out an email to our recipe group asking about peeling boiled eggs. One suggested in the oven. I had never heard of cooking eggs that way before! Also...several people mentioned that the older the eggs, the easier they are to peel. Hmmm..

    1. Sometimes experience helps. Other times, it remains a mystery. I think the sprouts could have been roasted in balsalmic for more depth of flavor, but I'm not sure we're interested in trying to find the magic ingredient in that one.

      The washing machine is actually continuing to get better. I poured some bleach directly on the black and let it sit, and that helped. Now, I'm going to try a bleach-soaked rag for the curved areas where bleach won't "sit."

      As for the eggs, older definitely peel better. But the way we go through eggs, older is never an option, so this oven method is a keeper.

      Thanks for the great challenge, Trish!

  3. There's a front loader in our apartment and it is pretty gross, too. We're not really sure what to do about it, but we might need to try this out. We started having a strong odor coming from the machine and our clothes. We ran bleach through the washing machine three or four times and that got rid of it, but we need something to prevent that from happening again. When it's time for us to buy one, we definitely won't be getting a front loader, though.

    1. Do try wiping it out after each load. It's just like any other moisture-holder - it will make mildew. I still prefer the idea of my front-loader, but they do make very efficient top-loaders now, so I might have to reconsider when it's time to get a new one. I also use a vinegar rinse (through the bleach dispenser) every once in awhile just to get rid of odors.

  4. For the washing machine, try putting some bleach in an empty spray bottle and spraying it down. It might cling a little better that way, and you can let it sit ten minutes or so before wiping it down with a rag. I've had to do that in places where bleach won't stay puddled, and it seems to work pretty good.

    It's awesome that your kids like Brussels sprouts. I hated them growing up, but I'm a convert now!