Photo-a-Day - Week Two

My second week of photo-a-day posts wasn't as successful as week one.  I got a bit stuck on a few days, and today I'm supposed to photograph my mama, but I probably won't see her until tomorrow.  Also Lightroom was acting up this morning and wouldn't import my photos, so these are untouched.  Here's what I've gotten this week:

May 7 - Someone That Inspires You
My little sister is an amazing woman.  And she makes fun faces at babies (not her own this time)!

May 8 - A Smell You Adore
I don't actually adore the smell of paint, but with the ongoing pressure to finish the house renovations, I am currently a fan - it is the smell of progress.

May 9 - Something You Do Everyday
Near-blindness makes this a terribly routine task - morning and night.

May 10 - A Favorite Word
This prompt stumped me for a bit until I had a moment of inspiration.

May 11 - Kitchen
My current apartment kitchen; I'm looking forward to the new house's kitchen being this functional.  I even look forward to the mess.

May 12 - Something That Makes You Happy
Though my children do often make me happy, the way they sit and read or play together so nicely really fills my heart with joy.

May 13 - Mum 
This picture was taken some time ago, but I decided to post it anyway.  What a blessing to have such a fun mama (I'm pretty sure she's laughing over a family game of Scrabble here).


  1. These pictures are so great. Thanks for sharing them. I really love the one of your kids, and if that's your apartment kitchen, I wish it were mine..much lovelier than the one I have. -- and mine is a vast improvement over the one I had in the last apartment.

    1. Thanks, Serena. The apartment kitchen is amazing, no doubt. But the new house will be an improvement because it will be bigger, will have a gas stove and double ovens, and will be ours. Of course, it will not be an improvement if I can't get the gas stove hooked up properly or knobs on the cabinets, so it's all relative, right?

  2. I adore the picture of your mom, sister and kids. So beautiful and perfect! Like Serena, I can't believe that's an apartment kitchen. I'm so jealous!

    1. I agree they are beautiful creatures! Thanks, Lu. About the apartment kitchen: it's not a standard rental unit. We live on campus at the boarding school where my husband works. This used to be a dorm head's apartment before they built some new dorms and converted this one to offices. It is a lovely place. Plus, the woman who lived here with her husband before me is a designer, and she essentially built this apartment. Good fortune, huh?