Photo-a-Day - Week One

I'm participating in a photo-a-day activity this month (see here for the full list of prompts), and this first week has been great.  It has also been a good excuse to fiddle around with Lightroom to see if I want to invest in it.

Week One:

May 1 - Peace

May 2 - Skyline

May 3 - Something You Wore Today

May 4 - Fun! 
I couldn't decide between a subtle hint

or the completely obvious.
What do you think?

May 5 - Bird

May 6 - You

There it is.  The week that was.  See you next Sunday for another week of photo-a-day fun!


  1. I love these!! Especially the "What You Wore Today." Such a beautiful, interesting choice. Can't wait to see next week's!

  2. I like the What You Wore Today as well. Nice.

  3. Thanks so much, friends. I like that one, too. It seemed like a shot I would appreciate down the road as well - not often you get a picture of your wedding ring after the wedding day pics, right? Much less almost 13 years later, looking much in need of a cleaning or polishing or something!

  4. I really love the Peace photo, but they're all great.

  5. They're gorgeous Sara! I'm having a tough time choosing a favorite but LOVE Peace and the "fun" picture is great (the splash one). So...what are you thinking of Lightroom so far?