Photo-a-Day - Week Four

Oops!  I failed to post on Sunday.  But we do have beautifully refinished wood floors and LOTS of baseboards to paint.  So there's that.  Here's the belated Week Four shots.

May 21 - Where You Stand
I own three pair of these Teva flipflops, so chances are good, I'm standing on one of them.  Also good odds: that my feet will be filthy because I'm just as likely to have no shoes as these shoes.

May 22 - Pink

May 23 - Technology
This one stymied me a bit.  I mean, technology is all around us, but I wanted something clever and couldn't come up with anything.

May 24 - Something New
What a great score!  They were very new indeed.  We've been keeping an eye on them and hoping they will grow well and healthily.

May 25 - Unusual
Front and Back shots of the Iron-On Appliques I found in the bottom drawer of a free-by-the-side-of-the-road chest of drawers I've been working on this week.  If the thought of putting roosters in on all those places pictured above (right) doesn't strike you as unusual, well, no comment.

By the way, the finished chest of drawers looks awesome.  Pictures to come.  And while we're on the subject, Craigslist is an endless source of fascination and humor for me.  Not the least of which comes from the wealth of posts from people selling Chester Drawers.  Hilarious.

May 26 - 12 O'Clock
As close as I could get to noon.  Bill To: D.I.Y.  That about sizes it up.

May 27 - Something Sweet
This cat just showed up in our new backyard.  It must belong to someone because it is very sweet.  We'd like to keep it, but if not, it has cemented our desire to have an outside cat.

So, just a few days left in May.  Final post to come - probably on Friday.  Enjoy!

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