The Read-a-Thon has Begun (and I'm Running Through the Woods)

I am currently running a 5k with my husband, so my Read-a-Thon will not begin until around 9:30 or so, but I am ready to roll as soon as possible after the run and a quick shower.  In fact, let me show you my little cavern of reading splendor.

The couch:

It is my favorite spot to read because it is comfy, and because the light is so good, and because of my view out the opposite window:

Cloudy, I know, but I love the fact that the windows in this room show trees and sky and nothing more.  So restful to the eye.  This will probably be the thing I miss the most about this place.

And finally, the table where all my treasures await:

To make up for my absence, I made you a little video.  In it, I am reading Where the Wild Things Are to my kids.  Where the Wild Things Are is one of the World's Perfect Books, in my opinion.  Just watch and see how perfectly the rhythm of the text aligns with a natural rhythm of page turns.  See how the words provide the perfect cadence?  See how the pictures and the text unite to perfectly capture being a little one - especially perhaps a little boy?  See how it is perfect?

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