Hour Eight: 3-4 pm

Location: The couch.  And a walk!  Outdoors!  It's quite nice.

Read This Hour: Peacock and Other Poems by Valerie Worth and Given Ground by Ann Pancake

Feedback: The poems in Peacock are nice, thoughtful, not condescending work.  I especially love the illustrations by Natalie Babbitt (yes, of Tuck Everlasting).  I read a little past the hour to get one of Ann Pancake's stories finished.  There are nine more in the collection, but I might need a novel again soon.  Hmmm....

Snack Status: Some more Chex Mix.  WAY too salty.  Therefore, more water!

General Mood: Good.  The walk was really great.  Campus is very quiet, and walking with a book worked out with no injuries!

Finished Thus Far: Redeye by Clyde Edgerton, Peacock and Other Poems by Valerie Worth

Total Pages Read: 387

As for the Donor's Choose project I'm working for, we have more progress!  My beloved sis has made a facebook pledge of a penny a page.  She's worried I'll read too much, but I'm confident she won't go broke!  Anyone else care to make a pledge or a donation?

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