Enough with the Poems!

No, I'm not abandoning National Poetry Month so easily.  I'm fickle, but not that fickle.

However, it did occur to me that perhaps the reader who is not already so much a fan of the poetic form would be turned off instead of turned on by the roiling flood of poems coming from the blogosphere these days.  I've got no judgment in my heart for you wonderful people posting a poem-a-day.  In fact, I love.  But I'm thinking I'm going to slow my roll a bit here and address a few less important things.

For starters: Twitter.

Why on earth should I add this forum to my life?  I signed up tonight after my husband teased me with something called Sorkinese.  But after a minute or two of staring at it, I couldn't figure out what it was going to add to my life.  Instead, I kept hearing this giant sucking noise in the background, as though all the things I already neglect every day were getting drawn further into the vortex of internetidom.  And there they were urging me to get it on all my mobile devices, and I wanted to run away and hide.  (Cue Monty Python allusion).  I've really resisted Twitter - no interest until the last few days.  And now that I'm there, I want to leave again.

Can someone explain?

Also, I'm thinking of killing my old blog (since the project of remodeling this house we bought will become our actual, we're living in it, home) and starting a semi-regular deal here to talk about projects at the house.  Jenn at The Picky Girl inspired me with her Fridays at Home feature, and I'm thinking one blog is definitely better than two in the getting-things-done department.

Speaking of funny things:  a colleague just sent an email that ended with Sorry forth confusion.  I'm pretty sure that's an autocorrect that's going to get used in my house.  As in "Sorry forth, confusion!"  It just works.

And finally, because I can't get enough of asking this question, which has been rolling around in my head since I saw The Hunger Games last week:

Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter????


  1. I really love Twitter, and I think it works really well for book lovers, in general. The ways it adds to my life: simple research, great connections, and for me, fun.

    Research: Hashtags (ones that begin with the # are a way of sorting). Yes, sometimes they're used for funny ways to say thing, but let's say you want to check out related National Poetry Month news. There's a hashtag for that: #npm12 - so anyone who wants that info can find it.

    I've gotten lots of info about teaching and great articles, and that sort of thing.

    As for the connections - there's job info, people who can offer advice in teaching/blogging/all sorts of things.

    So as you can tell, I'm a fan. I've even been part of groups that watch movies together with a hashtag to discuss them.

    I rarely use Twitter on my phone, so that helps with the time suck business. :)

    1. Jenn, Thanks for all the great feedback. I'm still not convinced, but I haven't closed the door completely.

  2. I can take or leave twitter to be honest. I think a feature about your home projects would be a great idea...since my husband and I bought our first house, we're looking to do some projects as well, and maybe your experiences could help us out.

    As for Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, I'd be into that.

    1. Well, Serena,I will leave the enjoyment of that film to you. I am disturbed by it, frankly. Thanks for the encouragement on the house stuff. I'll probably get something started in the next week or so!

  3. I was a late adopter and still am not one to readily admit to my Twitter addiction, but I love it because I follow things like BookPage, NYT Books, Book Bench, The Paris Review, Penguin Books, Knopf, Book TV, PBS, NPR, NPR Books, the NYT, the Washington Post, C-Span, etc., etc., etc. Plus, I tweet a link to my blog when I post.

    1. See, right there, that list exhausts me! I'm just having trouble with the idea of seeking MORE things to read and have waiting for me. Joel, however, loves it. Y'all should twitter-talk or tweet each other or whatever Ace-and-Gary like thing you want to call it.