It's Because I Don't Like You

No.  Of course it's not that. 

I'm on my annual at-home, at-work retreat, which usually results in at least one book read in one sitting, a fair amount of blogging, and minimal rushing around.  This year, not so much.

The family is away having a lovely Spring Break, and I am hoping today will let me do a little more of the aforementioned good stuff and less of the rushing around stuff.  I had gotten so behind on work before my Spring Break that I've spent the last week and a half catching up.  Here's to getting ahead!

A few major points have been scored in the last wee bit, however:

1.  The WMaIDWtPATB Challenge is moving right along - post forthcoming. 
2.  Thanks to Lu at Regular Rumination, I have discovered NetGalley and am about to finish my first NetGalley ARC of a great YA book: Chomp by Carl Hiaasen - post forthcoming.
3.  Ann Pancake, author of Strange as This Weather Has Been, was here for a few days, speaking to my classes, giving a reading, and generally being a wonderful person.  Though I took no photos (whaaaat?), recorded no video, and basically did not act like a blogger at all, I deeply enjoyed visiting with her and sharing her work with this campus. 

So.  We'll talk later, m-kay?  I'll even try to get my thinking cap on and make it smart and stuff.  Or I'll eat oreos and stretch out on the couch and fantasize about all the papers being graded.  Aaaaaaah.


  1. I have NO idea what number 1 is, but yea! And as for number 2, you JUST found NetGalley. Hon - it's crazy awesome.

    Have a great at-home, at-work retreat.

  2. Thanks, Jenn. I have a hard time believing I just got into NetGalley, but since I have resisted the whole e-reading thing, it kind of makes sense. As for #1, the Challenge is just my funny way of working through a bunch of TBRs before I move. Thanks for the encouragement.