The We're-Moving-and-I-Don't-Want-to-Pack-All-These-Books Challenge

That Challenge has a certain ring to it, don'tcha think?  TBR might be familiar, and something shorter might be more memorable, but seriously, that title gets to the heart of what I'm about these days.  We will move -again- in late spring/early summer, and I have a queer notion that this move will be permanent, and thus, all those things I've been packing and unpacking (town to town, up and down the dial) over the years (fabric**, paper, school supplies, and oh-lord-the-books) must be gotten rid of or made part of the permanent collection once and for all.  This idea makes no sense.  I am aware, people.  But sense-making has not always been my forte, and herewith I am proving it.

So, the WMaIDWtPATB Challenge has begun.  It actually began a few weeks ago when I plucked Susan Sontag's In America off the TBR shelves and gave it a whirl.  Actually, what I did was try desperately to get connected to this book.  The result: I would sleep almost instantly upon opening it. I kid you not.  It induced such comas in me that I could have used it as a sleep aid if insomnia would ever strike the likes of Sleepy Me.  So, for the past several nights it has sat on the night stand (by the way, have you seen this? Hilarious.) while I have read other things (not on The Shelves - CURSE YOU, LIBRARY).  And this morning, I have made the big decision to abandon it.

Abandoning books has never been easy for me.  I'm a once-in, all-in kind of gal, but I've started getting better at it as I've gotten older.  Maybe it's the life's too short argument, but I can walk away from something now and have even returned to books later on and found them to be richly satisfying.  But when I've had a book on the shelves, the irrational part of my brain thinks "What if I give away an amazing book and can never find it again?"  Hello, Crazyland!  I've been here for awhile, but I don't think we've been formally introduced.

The Details of the Challenge: There shall be One Tab to List Them All.  I shall include a picture of The Shelves.  I shall mark through titles as they are read or abandoned.  I shall be encouraged as said marking through occurs. In May, I shall pack those deemed Worthy and discard those deemed Unworthy.  And there shall be much rejoicing.

By the way, Trish of Love, Laughter, and a Touch of Insanity has a great post up about lurking and delurking today.  I don't normally urge readers to comment, but I like the way she addresses the issue.  So, lurkers, feel free to keep on alurking.  Or comment away by clicking that little comments thingy down there. 

**To see how the insanity is going with Things That Are Not Books, see my other blog Greenhouse Gas.  Later today, I will post regarding fabrics and crayons.  It's not to be missed, y'all.**

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