Unfinished Business

I had a severe case of the unfinisheds this weekend.  I had two or three posts I wanted to get going, and all I accomplished was getting some photos uploaded.  I abandoned a book I had barely started (a big step for me - I'm actually very proud) and drafted a still unfinished guest review for Serena at SavvyVerseandWit (more information to come).  I left the house this morning with the dishwasher full of clean dishes, the counter and sink full of dirty ones, the dryer full of clean, unfolded clothes, the ironing board and iron still out, and the toilet brush still in the toilet. As you can see, I wasn't completely unproductive, but I did not complete much either.  What I did get done reveals further lack of gumption:

Friday night, I finished a fantastic book for young people: Keeper by Kathi Appelt.  Of course, I didn't get around to writing it up yet.  Maybe tomorrow?

On Saturday, I watched Finding Neverland and had to agree with Thomas of My Porch that Kate Winslet is a very fine actress in an equally fine movie.  Have you seen it?  Someone recommended it me, perhaps this summer when I was reading Peter Pan with the children, and it was wonderful.  Give the trailer a watch:

I thought about writing a bookish movie review but just gushed to my husband instead.  And thanks to Thomas, I've added The Reader to my Netflix queue as well.

I moved some books around on my desk and realized I still haven't reviewed The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao.  I want to take it off my desk but feel I must write up some thoughts before I can let it go. 

Then, Simon of StuckinaBook wrote a beautiful review of Robinson's Gilead (see here for my feelings on the subject), which made me glad I hadn't gotten any reviews up this weekend.  They certainly wouldn't have measured up.  Such lovely writing for such a lovely book!

All in all, I feel very undone this Monday morning, but perhaps it wasn't all a waste.  I did make chocolate chip cookies last night, after all.  That's got to count for something.

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  1. I didn't think this movie was up my alley, but given my interest in Winslet, maybe I will have to give it a go.