Such a Tease

Think I should post today?  Just because it's been almost 3 weeks since a post?  Just because I don't yet have a 2011 category in that sidebar over there?  Just because I've let the Christmas post languish even longer than the Christmas tree, which did finally make it out of the den and onto the porch the other day?  Gosh, you're so demanding.  You act as though I spent my break from school reading instead of working.  You act as though I should be chomping at the bit to report on all the interesting things I've been discovering in my absence from this space.  Slave driver.

But here's the thing:  I've been in my house since Sunday at 1 pm.  Seriously.  I have not even gone out on the porch to experience the snow flurries that continue to grace our Southern presence.  I have weathered the blizzard of '11 from the safe confines of the house, watching out the window as all the children and many of the adults have frolicked in the snow.  And now, it is almost 10 am on Wednesday, and I'm going to walk down to the gym with my kids. 

So, I'd love to post right now.  Really, I would.  But I have to go outdoors, and I'm just not sure I'm altogether ready for that.  Pray for me, people.  If I make it back alive, I'll post later.  Pinky promise.

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