Un-Resolutions Update

There are 11 days left in December.  I have frittered away most of the month with little-to-no progress on my Rejectionist-inspired December Un/Pre/Alternative Resolutions.  To remind you, I resolved to:

1.  Practice Centering Prayer daily,
2.  Get rid of ALL the old, mismatched Christmas cards in the shoebox under my desk, and
3.  Finish a 10-year-old embroidery project.

So, how am I doing?  Well, the Centering Prayer thing still intrigues me.  I've got a Cynthia Bourgeault book but haven't cracked it.  In fact, it is buried under the three books of Bishop I brought home for a little (optimistic!) break reading.  I've even practiced sitting in reflection and meditation a few times, and I only fell asleep once.  So, there is something to remark on, but not nearly as much as I had hoped.  I am definitely going to need to be more disciplined (story of my life) to see any change with this one.

I found the embroidery project, pulled it out, straightened out the thread stash, looked at the pattern, and then put it all away again.  BUT, it is in plain sight now, and I have hope (it does spring eternal, you know) that I will at least do something on it in the next day or two.

The real success, the true triumph (start the Huzzahs now!) is on the Christmas Card front.  As I don't normally "do" Christmas Cards, opting for a New Year's Letter instead, the idea that I might chip away at this massive stack gradually was somewhat ridiculous.  To use them at all meant doing something as drastic as I did this year, and I am eternally grateful to The Rejectionist for forcing my hand on the subject.  But enough set up.  Let's get right to the good news.  They are gone.  I mailed them today.  I even printed some pictures of the offspring and enclosed their smiling faces for some lucky friends on The List.  I feel so accomplished, so domestic, so free of useless clutter!  Whether it is leftovers, scraps of paper, fabric, or WhatHaveYou, I like to use things up.  The using up factor was so high here, I might not come down for days. 

Now on that unnaturally high note, I must go upstairs.  My children have been frighteningly quiet for several minutes.  I do wonder what I will find.  Cue ominous music.

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