Accelerated Reader

Okay, reader friends.  I know you are readers.  Some of you are teachers.  Some of you may even be reading teachers.  So, please let me know what you think of the Accelerated Reader program.  I am preparing some thoughts for a meeting tomorrow and wonder what serious readers think of this widely-used software and tracking program.  Please comment below (or email me) with any thoughts on the subject and, of course, be honest.


  1. I use the Accelerated Reading program in my classroom and find it helpful for having children read on their independent reading level. It's also good practice for taking (extremely picky) multiple choice tests. As to the enjoyment of the book? Or, understanding it as a whole? Not so much. I don't use it for a grade, just one of the many pieces of our Reader's Workshop. Accelerated Reader is certainly preferrable to any worksheet pages!

  2. Bellezza - Thanks for your comment. I've been getting a real mixed bag of impressions (from students and professionals alike) on the subject. I'm thrilled to hear you have enough time and freedom to include AR in a broader Reader's Workshop program. What grade do you teach?