Bienvenu Juillet!

Today marks the beginning of Paris en Juillet, and I have not done nearly enough to plan my month.  Here's what I've got:
Le Voyage de Babar.  I actually cheated and already read this one with the kids the other day.  If they're interested, we'll do it again, and I might even comment on it.  It is hilarious.

A set of beautiful, old books in French.  Some Baudelaire, Flaubert, Stendhal, a collection of short stories by various authors.  Even though I rarely read in French, I will almost always buy books in French whenever I find them at estate sales.  Waiting for this moment, I suppose.

The Paris Review Interviews, which I have been pining after for some time.  I'm sure they are not Parisian enough to make the cut, but I'm thinking I'm going to make it work somehow.  And, bien sur, Le Petit Prince.  My sister apparently had to translate this one back in high school (although she thankfully stopped writing the translation in after the first few pages).  I'm thinking of reading it to my kids later this month.  After we finish Ramona the Pest, of course.

And waiting in my Netflix Instant Queue: Le Ballon Rouge.  I stumbled across this film when we first set up our account, and it struck me as familiar.  So much so that I immediately wanted to see it.  Perhaps we watched it in school at some point?  Je ne sais pas. 

What do you think?  Other ideas?


  1. Wow - sounds like you've got lots planned. Those old books are beautiful - happy reading.

  2. Joan: I doubt I'll get to all that. I was just scrounging up around the house. But thanks for the encouragement. It's going to be fun!

  3. I don't know how "French" the Paris Review compilations are, but they are freaking FASCINATING so you definitely won't regret your choice there! (Well, I can at least speak to Volume 4, anyway.)

    Someone else posted about Le Petit Prince the other day, and even the short extract she pulled made me tear up. Don't know how I'll possibly read it aloud to any future kids I may have without bawling. But I do love it so!

  4. Sounds like a great plan to me. I also was trying to sneak in some Paris Review material so glad to see you trying to pull of the same. I will probably be cowardly and wait to see if you do it first. :)

  5. I remember Le Petite Prince fondly and also had to read it in school. Not sure I could translate from French to English now though.

  6. Le Petit Prince was always a favourite from my childhood, and a great delight for me to read in french just 2 years ago as part of my ongoing french studies. I also have it on CD to listen to in French while in the car. The Red Balloon also looks familiar to me - I'll look forward to your review to see if I remember it..

  7. I saw The Red Balloon at the movies not long ago. Quirky, what I call "a little film" (ie not one all about spies blowing up the world and racing to see who can head them off first, or some other similar Boys Own Adventure), and I loved it.

    When I was at school, years before you, there was a short film about a balloon. It had no words, didn't need them, and a small boy. Like this new film, the balloon had a life of its own and "wrote" its own commentary on what it saw.... It also came out in book form, and somewhere I'm sure I have a copy.