Blog Updates and Paris in July

After lamenting the lack of design options built in to Blogger's platform a few weeks ago, I was pleased to find they have recently updated and upgraded their templates and design tool.  While still not offering the completely unique, they have substantially increased their design customization options.  Thus, you are seeing today a newly-redesigned site.  What do you think?  Suggestions would be appreciated for things to continue, change, or delete.

Also, a big thank you to Frances at Nonsuch Book for alerting me to the Paris in July activity hosted by BookBath and ThymeforTea.  I will be embracing (unearthing?) my languishing French during the month of July and attempting to record all things Parisian.  In a few days, I'll post a timeline and/or set of expectations for the month.  And of course, I'll be looking forward to your comments - in French or otherwise. 

Finally, I have added an image to my profile in an effort to show some consistency in commenting and otherwise.  It's okay, but I have a friend who does pretty amazing line drawings (among other artistic endeavors), so I'm going to contact him about getting something custom.  I'm merely content with the idea of a girl reading a book; it seems so done.  I would gladly accept any suggestions for some words or concepts to inspire my friend - preferably something that ties to the blog title.  What do you think?


  1. Really looking forward to having you join us for Paris In July Sara!

  2. I like it! Nice fresh color scheme & hip rounded corners. :-)

    Et je suis ravie d'apprendre Juillet en Paris! Quelque chose très amusante pour l'été.

  3. @Emily: Merci beaucoup! Je suis excite aussi. J'ai trouve Le Petit Prince (en français) a la maison des parents le week-end dernier. Hoorah! (I have forgotten how to change my 'e' to the accented e needed in this sentence, so please forgive apparent grammar errors!)