Crunch Time

It's the end of the semester, and the books I checked out in January that have been languishing on my desk since then are coming due next week.  When the woman marked the April 20th due date, I remember actually laughing and saying, "Oh, I'm sure I'll have them back before then." 


Turns out, the semester actually gets in the way of little things like reading.  But I did finish the Carver collection tonight, and though I was seduced by some of the TBRs, I had to make the responsible decision and go with the first of two soon-to-be-overdue non-fiction books on coal extraction in Appalachia.  Shirley Stewart Burns' Bringing Down the Mountains: The Impact of Mountaintop Removal on Southern West Virginia Communities is the choice.  Try to calm yourself and form an orderly line.  I cannot easily accommodate the kind of clamor that is sure to arise from such an in-demand read.  

After being so enraged (again!) over the Upper Big Branch mine explosion last week, (and teaching Storming Heaven once again), I have been wanting to reconnect with this arena of my research.  Also, one of the professors I most admire provided a favorable review of this book, so I'm looking forward to learning from the author's first-hand experience.  There is still a part of me, though, that wishes for my own first-hand journalistic experience with this time and place.  Maybe it will still come.

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