Now For Something Completely Different

After finishing the Berry the other night (longest 15 pages of my life, though, because I fell asleep about every other paragraph), I was unable to get on Blogger for some reason. I think it is a McCallie network thing because I had no problems once I used the wireless. Anywho, in the meantime, I began the Words in a French Life that I've been so looking forward to. Unfortunately, it has none of the intelligence, wit, charm, or . . . well writing that Berry had to offer. I'm only a short way in, but it is clear that this person (Kristin Espinasse) became a blogger for lack of something better to do and thus, has no particular skill or passion for writing. I am annoyed already. I do love translating the few French passages she provides; it makes me feel accomplished. But she hasn't yet made me feel like her use of the language is getting me any closer to experiencing life in France. Alas.

Since I have nothing to post from the Words, I'll do one more Berry from the last essay. Here he is talking about how we have embarked (as a culture) upon this journey of sexual liberation in which we tell our young people that sex can be safe.

What we are actually teaching the young is an illusion of thoughtless freedom and purchasable safety, which encourages them to tamper prematurely, disrespectfully, and dangerously with a great power.

Then a bit later,
Because it is so powerful, it is risky, not just because of the famous dangers of venereal disease and "unwanted pregnancy" but also because it involves and requires a giving away of the self that if not honored and reciprocated, inevitably reduces dignity and self-respect.

I want to remember this for our children.

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