J'ai finis!

I think I've probably used "finis" as a title before to indicate that I've finished a book, but this time it seemed especially appropriate considering the book was Words in a French Life (link below).  And though I groused about the book in my first post, it wasn't all that bad.  It just wasn't all that good, either.  I do think the petit mots format would work in the daily blog, but compiled in a book, it just didn't really sing for me.  Often, I just couldn't identify with the author, and the special moments she was trying to capture didn't always come across as special.  But, I loved the french lessons throughout and getting to practice my pronunciation.  The biggest frustration came (too often) when the passage would italicize a foreign word as though it would appear in the closing notes with its definition, but it wouldn't be there.  Sometimes, I could remember seeing it earlier in the book, so maybe we're supposed to flip back to find the definition, but that idea seemed completely cumbersome.  Othertimes, I would think I'd never seen the word before.  Most of the time, context would give me enough, but it still felt poorly edited.  Overall, it was an okay read, but it did not live up to my expectations.

Up next will probably be some sort of novel.  I think I need some fiction in my life.

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