Creating Community: 5 Keys to Building a Small Group Culture by Andy Stanley and Bill Willits

That must be the longest post title ever for what is a relatively small book. Creating Community is a thin volume that someone at Calvary Chapel passed along to us some time ago that I am just now getting around to reading. I'm not sure if we were being tapped as potential small group leaders or what, but it was an interesting peek into how another church does small group life so successfully. And of course, the thing I took away from it most was the emphasis on having closed, covenanted groups. After our experience with the growth and subsequent disintegration of our small group, I am committed to the idea that groups should be closed whenever possible. I also found it very interesting that they have a staff person devoted to the logistics of this ministry - something Calvary does not have. I think it will need one as we continue to grow and make the small group ministry more of a focus. I skimmed this one for content because there was nothing worthwhile in the writing of it, but I'm glad to have gained this little bit of insight and look forward to talking to Pastor Frank about it at some point.

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