Finished Rich in Love; Starting Three Cups of Tea

Last night, I finished Rich in Love to little fanfare. I had unfortunately read an amazon review that revealed part of the ending to me in advance, but it wasn't really a surprise anyway, so no big loss there. I liked that the climax was emotionally complex, and I didn't like the way Humphreys tried to simplify it at the very end. I don't like all the strings to be tied up so nicely. Outside of the few gems, I didn't feel like the book added much to the world. It was a little thin throughout despite its efforts to be deep and thoughtful. I will likely add it to the pile to go back to McKay's.

Later I will start Greg Mortenson's Three Cups of Tea, the book that made the birthday rounds this year. I bought it for Dodd (in Dec) who read it and gave it to Andrea (in Jan) who read it and gave it to me (in May). I like that cyclical, shared quality so much. I am also looking forward to getting into this book and learning more about a people and a place I know little about.

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