Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Myers

Finished the last of this troublesome series today (Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Myers) this afternoon after the frenzy of reading the beach allows. And I have to admit that I actually kind of enjoyed it. I was ready to completely hate it (my highly literate friend refused to finish in protest), but I was taken in by a few strong elements. A few decisions were terrible - writing in Jacob's voice, Renesmee's name, and others. But some were good. Even though I didn't like her poor attempt to write in Jacob's voice, I really appreciated the extended immersion into the pack dynamic. The storyline worked quite well here. I also like the development of the pregnancy and Bella's character through the process. Like many women, she gained strength as her baby grew, and her character took on greater depth and dimension, I thought. I still find it disturbing that her great strength (or any vampire's, for that matter) must be accompanied by "super-model" beauty. But there were some areas where Myers countered my major concern over all the times Edward simply overpowered Bella physically.

Overall, it was entertaining although not terribly thought-provoking. But I must at least comment on the ridiculous naming of their daughter. Renesmee Carlie (each a blend of the grandparents' names: Renee, Esme, Carlisle, Charlie). Had I chosen this route for our daughter, her name would have been Brendalene Waydean. I'm still actually laughing out loud at this idea.

So, back to Of Human Bondage. Back to thinking.

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