Rabbit, Run and Blue Like Jazz

So, I finished Rabbit, Run this weekend to little fanfare and started Donald Miller's Blue Like Jazz. The conclusion of R,R was climactic for sure, but I still was not impressed with the character or the arc of the story. I don't mind a novel that highlights the small realities of life without a screaming amount of action, but I just couldn't get with this tale at all. Perhaps I simply want to hope that people like Harry Angstrom don't actually exist, therefore rendering the "small realities" part unreal.

Blue Like Jazz is a collection of essays on Christian Spirituality (a term Miller uses often, as though it has a precise meaning), and I am enjoying his readable tone and relevant conversation a lot. I love the wry manner in which he explores his youth and childhood. It is brief, and he doesn't attempt to make it bear more weight than it should. I also like the way he is so honest about his faith and his bumbling attempts to evangelize. Though I thought I wanted to knock out several novels in a row (preferably unread classics), I'm enjoying this quick read in between. The question now is, what's on deck?

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